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Repair Nokia

In this time, flasher box UFS-8 at most has by technicians hand phone to support bisnis service hand phone. Why? Besides use UFS-8 very practise with achievable UFS-8's price, technician choose UFS-8 because UFS-8 is universal software Flasher. Only with has one UFS-8's tool flasher can used to repair some brands hand phone.

Now we will discuss more about upgrade firmware Nokia DCT4 with box UFS-8. Because UFS-8 is universal flasher, So UFS-8 can repair hand phone Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc.

If we watch closely, handphone system as same as computer. Hand phone has hardware and Software that functioned as operating system. Although, Software hand phone unlike computer software. Because of it, software hand phone can upgrade using UFS-8 flasher. It will make performance faster. Before process repair hand phone with UFS-8, Best as beginner must know software handphone code so that not wrong or confused when choosing for example, Which file will used by UFS-8 to repair handphone. Beginner must study handphone file code how choose MCU's Files, PPM and CNT when repair hand phone with UFS-8.

For beginner before repair Nokia DCT4 with Box UFS-8, Certain ask what this is MCU, PPM, CNT, PM etc. Hand phone as same as computer has operating system, we will explain about firmware file code of hand phone. Hand phone has MCU's file (Master Control Unit Processor). PPM (Post Programable Memory) is language file. CNT (Content) is gallery file. MCU, PPM and CNT is most often used to repair handphone Nokia DCT4 with UFS-8. Complete information can seen on MCU PPM GUIDE's for UFS-8. Looking the picture

Let us begining repairing Nokia DCT4 with UFS-8 flasher. First connect UFS-8 box to your computer. Runing UFS-8's software “DCTX_UFSx”. Connect flash cable to Nokia DCT4 with box your UFS-8, Press Connect button, and then choose Nokia DCT4 with button DCT4, Choosing series hand phone nokia DCT4. Look at the picture :

Settings in column “Product” choose handphone type as according as series that done. In column “MCU” choose main file that is MCU with press button browse existing code --- on the right, UFS-8's software automatically will display choice files as according as series Nokia DCT4 that you have chosen. Important: choose file whice come up directly and as according to series and Software code handphone, See in product column so don't browse according manually from data at local computer. Next file PPM's language file, and gallery file CNT. Look the picture :

After selections process of firmware file in UFS-8 softwares, the next step is flash processing with press button “Start” or Button “Flash”. The difference both of the button are Button “START” in UFS-8 functioned to run Flahsing's command with UI Options all at once according to comprehensive, So after UFS-8 finished do Flahs' process, UFS-8 will run next process in UI Option. Button “Flash” run files and settings command. Usually if you want to upgrade language or Upgrade firmware, or runing manually between process flahsing Files and settings and then do UI Options' process.

UI Options in UFS-8 functioned to reset or returning options to default position for Full UI Defaults, UI Factory Defaults, Full Factory Defaults, Software upgrade Defaults, Lock's user Reset, Init Simlock with Reboot in normal fashion. Example if you want to open Nokia DCT4 locked, You can open security lock with aim mouse in Lock's user Reset's column then double click, Clicking twice in Lock's user Reset so UFS-8 memjalankan Lock's user Reset's command, So all security locked or Phone code will return to normal position. One example from UI Options' menu in UFS-8 hand phone can not read Simcard caused of Simlock locked with one provider or Handphone that come from outside country so hand phone that locked by provider network at country other. You can unlock that network with aim mause you to Init Simlock then do double click Init that Simlock's article breast so UFS-8 will run Init Simlock's command. Hand phone normal will return without process flashing.