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Handphone Hitted Water

Problem : If our handphone is hitted water or under water then our handphone dies, when we try to turn on the handphone but Our handphone can't flame absolutely.
Repair Procedure :

  • Don't use power supply for investigate and testing handphone. it can caused short connection one component with anothers or module in handphone with water mediator as conductor.
  • Drying the handphone using the following step : Handphone is forced open then dried in the sun, blowering handphone and give IPA's cleaner, or used silica item to absorb water exist in handphone.
  • If handphone has dried. So we can use power supply to detect the damage.
  • For this problem, damage which often happen on the handphone accesories.
  • But if ampere needle in power supply rise ± 50 mili ampere when button 'on' pressed, it means failure on software. Re-flashing handphone as according as kind and version of the handphone or upgrade software version.